Aelley Vale


Following the course of the river of the same name, the Aelley Vale is a 120 league long crescent of exceptionally fertile land in northwestern Enthos. Bordered by the Kulmpiiks to the north and the Conlis Range to the south, the Vale acts as a through-route for any traveling from the inland to the sea.


Almost all major settlements in the Vale can be found along the Aelleys River. Below is a list of major settlements accompanied by the distance upstream, population, and description.

  • Greywald (0-2 leagues): 200,000. All traffic heading from the sea must pass under the Great Arch.
  • Ashford (20 leagues): 21,000. The hoodlums and charlatans too weak willed to operate in Greywald turn to her smaller sister city.
  • Robert’s Bend (60 leagues): 9,500. Serves as the port for almost all traffic coming south out of the Kulmpiiks, which isn’t much these days.

Aelley Vale

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