City of Greywald


Also known as The Storm City, the Grey City, and the Gate to the Vale, the City of Greywald is a fortified trade city of 200,000 situated at the mouth of the Aelleys River on the eastern coast of the Aelley Vale. It serves as the main political and commercial hub in the region, as well as the home of the The Academy on the Hill and the Holy Palace of the Burners.


Before the fall of Sartoum, Greywald was a small trading settlement of less that 5,000. The city answered to the empire’s laws, taxes, and governors but still managed to keep a small degree of sovereignty by selecting its own leaders from the populous, known as Judiciors. After the Cataclysm and the fall of Sartoum, the nearly 1 million survivors that escaped the chaos fled to the Aelley Vale. Most moved upriver into the Vale, but some stayed to contribute to the emerging power. It was during this time of great growth that the democratic process was abandoned for the perceived simplicity of a monarchy, thus the Dukedom was established.

Nearly 200 years later with the rise of the Durlars, the city became a formidable military and spiritual power with the rise of the Masons and the Burners. After the initial invasion of the Durlars 30 years ago, the city recovered and is currently in a state of constant tension with rumors of the Durlars and other threats powering political plots and covert operations alike.


The city is divided into four main districts: The Masonry district, the Riverside district, and the Hill district, all separated from the Canals by the Aelleys River. While these boundaries are not enforced or even recognized by local laws, almost every citizen refers to these districts because of the differences in social structure, architecture, economic welfare, and (most importantly) garrison presence, among other things.

  • Masonry District: Dominated by the barracks of the Masons and the garrison, this district consists of the eastern coastline of the city, the 6 miles of raised battlements against attackers from the sea, and the surrounding establishments. Because of the strong Mason presence, this district might as well be under martial law; any crimes committed are dealt with by the Masons or the local garrison (whoever catches you first). Do not mistake this for a safe district, however; the rivalry between the Masons and the garrison often manifests into shouting matches and tavern brawls.

Persons of Note:
-Nurnea Blackglove: Prime Commander of the Masons. In charge of the who organization. Infamous for her tenacity and straightforward ideals of justice. There are rumors that she uses Mason resources to fund less honorable enterprises.
-Simon Mallory: Head Lieutenant of Labor for the Masons. In charge of the logistics and training of initiates and third parties. Known for his unusual knack for conspiracy theories and suspicion. Otherwise, a respectable man.
-Maxine Anvilheart: Head Lieutenant of Intelligence for the Masons. Coordinates expeditions and clandestine operations. Though she was once a field agent herself, you wouldn’t be able to guess by looking at her. Kind, but talks much too fast.

  • Riverside District: Consisting of the 4 miles of harbors and piers reaching into the Aelley River, this district is known for thousands of miles as the center of commerce and intrigue in the lands of old Sartoum. If an individual wishes to make a name for themselves in business, they need to be at the Riverside. The garrison has a substantial presence; one can count on the wheels of justice as long as the merchant families don’t get involved.

Persons of Note:
-Marlin Tylander: Patriarch of the Tylander merchant empire. By all accounts an extravagant dwarf. The Tylanders moved to the Aelley Vale some 200 years ago and started a vast trade network with wealth from their ancestral home in the Kulmpiiks. Two in five merchants on the Riverside pay some sort of tribute to him and his business.

  • Hill District: A mile from the coast and two from the Aelley, the wealthy residents of this district enjoy a life away from the chaos of the Riverside and the discipline of the Masonry. This district is home to such centers of bureaucracy as the Academy, the Holy Palace of the Burners, and the Ducal Residency.
  • Canals: Separated from the rest of the city by the mouth of the Aelley, the poor and unfortunate call this last district home. Over the years the Canals have served a special purpose in the city of Greywald, that of a place to dispose of the political and economic figures that could not survive life in the shadow of the city.


Persons of every race creed and call Greywald home, though humans, elves, and half-elves are most numerous among them. Halflings and dwarves living in the city usually associate themselves with the merchant company they work for or holy order they represent. Dragonborn are a rare sight.

City of Greywald

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